Impact of Network Conditions
on Video Broadcasting

with Calnex Solutions and Spirent Communications

Tuesday 27th October 11:00am Central European Time

Most of today's broadcasting is done over IP networks. These networks are not perfect - they can suffer from overload at peak hours, weather perturbations and other factors that impact the capacity of the network. When it comes to near real-time usages, such as Video Broadcasting, the effects can be immediate and usually result in some form of quality degradation. It's important for Service Providers to understand how these perturbations impact their users' Quality of Experience ; and it's better to find out in the development phases rather than in production. This talk illustrates the impact of network conditions using traffic generators and network impairment devices that realistically emulate real life conditions and behavior.


Arnaud Castaner (Spirent): Arnaud Castaner has been in the Test & Measurement Industry for more than 15 years. During that time, he has spent countless hours on audio and video over IP test campaigns for a variety of customers using different protocols and implementations.

Peter Whitten (Calnex): Peter Whitten is the Product Manager for Calnex’s Cloud and IT Network Emulation products. He is a member of SMPTE and has worked with numerous organisations on standards-focused WAN emulation projects, as well as more general AV applications.


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  • Test Objective
  • Test Scenarios
  • Test Tools
  • Test Architecture
  • Live Demo and Summary

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