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Wednesday 23rd September 9:00am CEST

tim frost

5G Fronthaul timing challenges including ORAN Relative Time Error and test requirements

This presentation will look at the different fronthaul network architectures being proposed by bodies such as CPRI and ORAN, and the synchronization requirements associated with them. It will cover the four fronthaul synchronization options proposed by ORAN, the performance requirements for each option, and how to test both the individual components and the networks themselves.

Sync over PTS and APTS networks - what is it and what are the testing requirements?

Some operators require to operate synchronization over packet networks that have little or no direct support for PTP (Precision Time Protocol). This is known as “Partial Timing Support” (PTS). This talk describes what PTS is, and the main use cases for it, such as APTS (Assisted Partial Timing Support). It will also look at how to test synchronization both in a network, and for individual network elements.

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