Testing performance of a smart SFP Transparent Clock

The Chronos Smart SFP™ can be configured as a T-TC, allowing Network Operators to use existing network equipment. This Application note describes how the T-TC performance can be verified by the Calnex Paragon-X.

Testing End to End Transparent Clocks with Paragon-X

The Paragon-X is an industry leading piece of test equipment which provides verification that Ethernet-sync and packet-transport products meet industry standards and work reliably under real-world conditions.

Getting into Sync

Different industries such as power, financial and automotive are looking at PTP as the technology of choice for delivering timing and synchronisation over Ethernet. Why do these industries need sync and how is it being delivered to them?

100G Conformance Test Plan

A ready-made test plan for Telecom Boundary Clocks to ITU-T G.8262 at 100G. This paper details the tests available to comply with G.8273.2. Calnex makes recommendations on what tests may be appropriate.

Testing PTP Boundary Clocks

This paper looks at the key considerations when testing Telecom Boundary Clocks (T-BCs), a key element in deliverying accurate Sync for LTE-A and TDD-LTE. What is a BC and why it's needed. Why a BC needs to be tested.