T-TSC G.8273.2 Conformance Test Plan

The accuracy of Telecom Time Slave Clocks (T-TSCs) is essential to the successful roll-out of LTE-A and TDD-LTE. To meet the new G.8273.2 compliance limits, T-TSCs must meet a very stringent constant Time-Error (cTE) limit of 20 or 50 nanoseconds.

Testing PTP Slave Clocks

This paper details test procedures to prove the performance to the ITU-T G.8261 standard. Topics inlcude testing a PTP (1588) slave clock in the lab, how to capture and analyze PTP (1588) traffic from a network and using PDV graphs with Paragon-X.

How PTP works

An introduction to Precision Time Protocol (PTP). The role PTP has in transporting a clock from a core location across an entire network is introduced. The standards that apply to this vital network technology are also introduced.

Testing performance of a smart SFP Transparent Clock

The Chronos Smart SFP™ can be configured as a T-TC, allowing Network Operators to use existing network equipment. This Application note describes how the T-TC performance can be verified by the Calnex Paragon-X.

Testing PTP Boundary Clocks

This paper looks at the key considerations when testing Telecom Boundary Clocks (T-BCs), a key element in deliverying accurate Sync for LTE-A and TDD-LTE. What is a BC and why it's needed. Why a BC needs to be tested.