DOCSIS® Technologies for Mobile Backhaul

Calnex has been working with Cable Labs on testing PTP Timing and Sync. This document provides an overview on advances in the DOCSIS technology now and in the near future that address these requirements.

Forging Paths to 5G

Why the world needs 5G. Fifth-generation “IMT-2020” technology (5G) is coming fast, and it will have greater power to transform our lives for the better.Better health care, smarter cities, vastly more efficient manufacturing are all being made possible.

TCP Network Latency and Throughput

Why is it your customer doesn't receive the throughput they paid for. Oftentimes the actual throughput represents only a fraction of the expected bandwidth. This white paper explains why throughput is adversly affected by latency and packet loss.

Making LTE work

Why is it LTE-A will demand more from the backhaul? The requirements of carrier aggregation and small cells are highlighted. Suitability of GPS as a solution is considered along with the benefits of capture and replay in real life networks.

Network Latency & TCP

The impact of latency on loss of throughput and other problems caused by latency. The challenges of migrating to today's high speed networks running at 40G and 100G are discussed along with the role of TCP as an enabling technology.

Why Mobile Synchronization?

This critical requirement in today's networks is explored by considering six key questions. Topics covered include basestations, small cells, home cells, time and frequency synchronization, LTE and advanced LTE networks.

Stepping up to the challenge

With mobile communications, some of the current and proposed future radio technologies require not only frequency sync, but time sync as well. In this paper Tommy Cook and Tim Frost will discuss the challenge of tighter time accuracy.

Stepping up to the challenge (audio)

Based on the ITP Journal entry (above), Tim Frost (co-author) talks us through the article, summarizing the main points. Tim then takes a number of questions on the paper from ITP members, giving further insight into the challenges described.

Synchronization for LTE small cells

All cellular radio base stations require synchronization, including small cells. This may be frequency synchronization, phase alignment to other base stations, or time synchronization. This paper is a small cell tutorial in conjunction with MEF.