Field Test Plan for NTP frequency sync

More than 200,000 NTP base stations have been deployed globally for 3G networks. With increasing traffic levels, more and more intermittent issues such as dropped calls, handover failures and slow data transfers are showing up.

Setting up a SyncE Network Test

This setup guide shows you how to configure the Calnex Sentinel to measure wander in a Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE) network.The measurement results can be loaded to the Calnex Analysis Tool for more in-depth analysis and to generate a report.

Field Test Plan for PTP frequency sync

One in a series of three Field Test Plans using Calnex Sentinel. Frequency synchronization is critical for all mobile technologies. PTP synchronization to NodeB/eNodeB devices must meet tight ITU-T standard specifications as well as vendor specific limits.

Field Test Plan for TDD LTE LTE-A Sync using PTP

With the limited availability of frequency spectrum, TDD-LTE networks are now being deployed to meet the demand for bandwidth. This adds a new requirement to provide highly accurate phase synchronization to the base stations.

Test Plan for systems using APTS and PTS

This document provides test procedures to ensure high quality phase/frequency for TDD-LTE/LTE-A networks running PTP for timing synchronization.

FAQ: Rubidium Holdover and Disciplining

Sentinel’s Rubidium offers best-in-class holdover performance enabling accurate sync test when there is no GPS signal available. This FAQ explains the features of the Rubidium and how to discipline it to ensure accurate timing while in holdover.

Setting up a 1pps Measurement

This setup guide shows you how to configure the Calnex Sentinel to measure the 1pps Time Error from, for example, a PTP (1588) Master Clock, Boundary Clock or a Slave Clock. The possibility for in-depth analysis is also explored.

Accurate 1pps Measurements

While frequency measurements using the Calnex Sentinel can be performed with a fairly straight forward test setup, time error measurements require consideration of the effects of delays introduced by differing cable lengths.

Making Over-the-Air Sync Measurements

Measuring the time error of an LTE basestation with no 1pps output is a challenging problem. One option is to make a measurement of the downlink radio signal. This primer describes how to make such an over-the-air “time error” measurement.

Monitor Mode: PTP 2 Way Time Error Measurement

This setup guide shows you how to configure the Calnex Sentinel to measure PTP 2 Way Time Error in monitor mode using an external Ethernet TAP or optical splitter. The measurement results can be loaded in to the CAT for more in-depth analysis.