Cloud Provider Boosts New Business

A major global cloud provider reports using the Calnex SNE to prove to potential customers the viability of their solution, breaking down barriers to adoption and enabling a 12% uplift in new business.

The concerns the provider was continually being met with from potential customers included:

  • Sufficient bandwidth to deliver complex and intensive data over the network.
  • Smooth integration with existing applications.
  • Assurance on data migration.

Without the ability to replicate their potential customer’s exact environments and prove service quality they were finding that customers were unwilling to commit to using their cloud service due to the perceived level of risk to their business operations.

Using the Calnex SNE the cloud provider is now able to: mimic customer real world network environments, prove performance of their cloud solution and set appropriate SLA’s which removed customer concerns.

With the ability to prove viability of their solution for each individual customer and their unique environment as part of their sales process the Cloud provider has also been able to increase their customer satisfaction scores, key metrics measured by the business at board level.

As well as the 12% uplift in business, the Cloud Provider expects to see a 10% increase in year-on-year retention, saving $10M per year.

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