Spirent launches industry’s first 25GbE Network Emulator for precise Network Simulation

Spirent Attero-100G San Jose, CA, February 28 2018Spirent Communications plc (LSE:SPT), the world leader in network testing solutions, today introduced the first impairment test solution for verification of Ethernet products and networks at 25GbE. The Spirent Attero-100G now includes a 25GbE delay emulator that enables equipment manufacturers to emulate a network or its elements with precision, accuracy and repeatability, while also supporting the testing of Ethernet switches, routers, and networks at rates up to 100GbE.

“25GbE is increasingly used as a key interface in Data Centers and used in new 5G networks for fronthaul between the remote radio head (RRH) and the centralized baseband units (BBUs),” said Abhitesh Kastuar, General Manager of General Manager of Spirent’s Cloud and IP Business Unit. “These new interfaces must be verified so that delays in transmitting critical financial data and sensitive video traffic doesn’t cause problems. To design and manufacture products for this marketplace, it is essential that equipment manufacturers and network architects have up-to-the-minute test tools. Attero-100G is the first test solution to provide full line rate emulation to provide the measurements required for 25GbE compliance.”

Spirent’s Attero-100G High Speed Network Emulator supports full line-rate network simulation with precise full-line-rate delay of up to 1024ms at 25GbE, with packet jitter to nanosecond accuracy, as well as lost, mis-ordered, errored and repeated packets and up to 16 profiles to configure and inject impairments.

For more information on the Spirent Attero-100G please visit our website. To learn more about how delays can affect end user performance, download our white paper on TCP network latency and throughput.

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