Company Statement


Founded in 2006, Calnex Solutions is an international trading company employing 66 staff worldwide, 55 at their site in Linlithgow. Their products are designed and manufactured in Scotland and sold through a global partner network achieving sales of over £5m last year. The company designs sophisticated test and measurement solutions, comprising proprietary hardware and software, sold globally to telecommunications network equipment manufacturers and network operators.

Calnex has an international reputation for innovative products that prove performance of the critical infrastructure associated with the roll-out of next-generation mobile telecommunications networks: 3G, 4G and soon to be 5G and beyond. These technologies are becoming progressively more complex, and Calnex provides the essential tools necessary to ensure these technologies meet the insatiable bandwidth demand of consumers.

Tommy Cook, CEO & Founder said, “There are no barriers to growing a company like this in Scotland. We sell to a world-wide market. We sell in North America, across Europe and right through the Far East from India to China, Korea and Japan. While you can’t be close to the global market, you can be close to the skills and the people with expertise. This is the ideal place to base a business from this point of view.


Calnex‘s first product was launched in 2007 and since then the Company has gone from strength to strength expanding the product portfolio along with its international market reach. Today, they are a globally recognised leader in the testing of network synchronisation technologies.

Calnex has demonstrated a strong growth trajectory based on technology-leading products and a highly successful approach to trading internationally. To date, they have shipped product to over 320 customers in 47 countries around the world. These include the recognised technology-leading countries like USA, Germany, Sweden, Finland, India, China, Korea and Japan, plus emerging countries likeNew Zealand, Vietnam, Uruguay, Azerbaijan and South Africa. Over 97% of sales have been out with the UK.

Calnex has created over 50 highly skilled and well rewarded jobs in Scotland, over 90% of whom are graduates. Additional jobs in Scotland are supported through their supply chain.

"Finding talent is critical to our growth aspirations. The majority of our team have been hired locally and we are fully engaged with the Scottish universities to attract the very best graduates. We have also been successful at attracting people from across Europe, including Poland, Portugal and Lithuania. You can never have too many talented people and the people from outside the UK have proved great hires and complement the talent we find within the UK,” said Ger Kirk, Operations Manager.

Jeff Wright, VP of Engineering added, “Every company you visit will tell you their people are their biggest asset. The ultimate measure of this statement is whether you can both attract and retain talent. We have a very high retention rate, but we never take it for granted as everyone has choices. Our job as a management team is to ensure each and every one of our talented team see Calnex as the best place to advance their career.

Products are designed and manufactured exclusively in Scotland, backed up by their own in-region staff who provide technical and commercial support. The Scottish supply chain is ideally suited to Calnex’s high value, complex products where flexibility and quality are paramount.

Throughout the Company’s history, Calnex has received invaluable support from Scottish Enterprise and Scottish Development International in the form of advice, research and development grants, and assistance with international market expansion. This support has been instrumental in the successful growth of Calnex enabling them to accelerate product development and be first to market with leading-edge test equipment.


Calnex continues to have excellent growth potential and their goal is to achieve double-digit growth year-on-year over the coming years. In the mobile telecommunications market the push for ever higher throughput to support data demand on smart phones is driving an increase in network speed and the development of next-generation technology such as 5G. In response, Calnex recently launched a next-generation test product, the Paragon-100G, which is an industry-first aimed at testing the 100GBit/s networks that make up the core of the latest telecoms networks. (As a benchmark, a single fibre cable operating at 100GBit/s can carry the equivalent of 1,500,000 phone calls simultaneously. The product has taken over 18 months to design and has over 12,000 components.

Anand Ram, VP of Sales & Marketing commented, Calnex is established as a trusted supplier of complex products across the world. Our new 100GBit/s product will list at between US$200,000-300,000. To win business in this high-value, high-complexity market you must have the best product available, you must be responsive, and critically, you need a reputation for excellence.

The technologies Calnex’s products test are also being adopted in markets beyond mobile telecommunications, most notably in the financial trading houses, cloud services server farms, power smart grid and automotive industries. These emerging markets offer new growth opportunities for Calnex who are confident that they are well positioned to capitalise on the growth opportunities that lie ahead. Information about Calnex is available on the Web at

For further information, please contact: Crawford Colville, Calnex Solutions +44 (0) 1506 671416