Aerial Edge - Glasgow Circus School

11 Calnex employees went to Aerial Edge, Glasgow for a flying Trapeze beginner class! First the group started with a little warm up before practicing on the practice bar to get a feel of trapeze.

The instructors gave clear instructions when to jump off the platform, when to swing your legs round the bar to hang upside down, when to let go and then when to grab back on to descent off the bar.The group went one by one to try the trapeze and to hang upside down.

They did this twice each before the instructors said they were at the stage when upside down to let go of the bar with their feet and land on their stomachs.

Everyone had a go at this and then the instructors introduced the finale – members of the group who were most comfortable would go one by one to do their trick but this time instead of landing on their stomach they would be letting go and will be caught by one of the instructors.

“Aerial edge were great, the volunteers/coaches were really nice and got a surprising number of us to achieve the catch. Definitely felt like I was in safe hands and I’d recommend it to anyone else for sure.” – Phil Dean

Aerial Edge


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